Climate Change Introduction

Equinox extreme weather advice leaflets: Download your free copies here.

Equinox are delighted to publish our series of 6 climate change advice leaflets.

This Equinox climate change project was funded by Defra. Research and development took place over 6 months in late 2012 and early 2013.

Developed by Equinox service users with guidance from Equinox medical staff, the leaflets provide advice and guidance for dealing with extreme hot and cold weather.

The leaflets offer tailored information for people who use drugs, alcohol and experience mental ill health – so they can inform themselves about the essentials of self-care during extreme weather conditions.

Please download your free copies of the Equinox extreme weather leaflets here and send them to anyone you know who may benefit from this information:

Background to the Equinox Climate Change Project funded by Defra

Climate change is happening now in the UK. More frequent and enduring spells of extreme hot and cold weather are affecting people across the country. Whilst many useful advice leaflets have been created about how to prepare for and respond to extreme weather – for the public, as well as vulnerable groups such as elderly people – there wasn’t much information available for people who use alcohol and drugs, nor people who are affected by mental ill health.

This is where Defra stepped in, awarding Equinox funding to develop 6 practical guides for people affected by alcohol dependence, drug dependence and mental ill health. Service users right across Equinox services in London and South East took part in forums to come up with their set of practical tips to handle extreme weather conditions, with expert guidance on health matters from Equinox medical professionals.

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