Lewisham Independent Living Scheme

Lewisham Independent Living Scheme

The Independent Living Scheme provides ongoing variable support to people with enduring mental health issues who are living in independent accommodation. We work with clients on an open ended basis to help them to maintain their tenancy and independence.

We work on a flexible model offering the level of support required by each client at that time. This can vary from weekly check-ins by phone or email to daily contact in times of crisis and can be escalated immediately if required. We visit clients at home, they can come into one of our offices or we will meet them in the community if that is their preference. The aim of the service is to help clients maintain stable mental health, avoid hospital admissions and minimize any risk they may present to themselves or the wider community. When someone does start to become unwell we are often the first people to be aware which means that the Care Coordinator can been informed and we can work with them to intervene before the situation escalates.

The ILS scheme is integrated into the wider service provision which means ILS clients are included in any activities or events which happens. This includes social events such as BBQ’s, Black History Month events and Christmas meals and outings as well as groups and advice sessions. This currently includes, drama therapy, a reading group, a relaxation group, and regular money advice sessions among others. ILS clients are also actively involved in organizational issues and we currently have an ILS client as an editor on Equinox’s in-house magazine. This provides a valuable support and social network for people who could otherwise become quite isolated in the community and helps to strengthen their relationship with the service and staff.

We provide a valuable safety net for client’s people who have often spent considerable time in hospital and other institutions. We are available to them for support and advice to deal with any issues that arise, including support with benefits issues, liaison with landlords and signposting to other services or opportunities. Clients can call on us for support at any time, and at whatever level is appropriate and we will respond proactively. This gives them a sense of security and the confidence that there is always help available if they need it, this enables them to remain as independent as possible and develop a good quality of life.

For further details contact David Forrest at david.Forrest@equinoxcare.org.uk or telephone 020 7740 9800


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