Forgotten People


This picture is called “Lovers in the Universe” and was painted by Michael, one of our service users.

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Our service users coined this term to describe how they felt about themselves before they came into contact with our services.

We often see people who, despite desperately needing assistance, are turned away time and time again because they do not fit the specification of local services. This leaves them feeling as if they are excluded from all hope and left out on the margins of the community.

At Equinox we have identified a number of ways in which people can find their own solutions to their challenges.

Firstly we work with people to help them find their own voice; asserting their right to be heard and listened to.

Secondly we work with our staff and those of other organisations to establish what skills are best suited to assisting our service users and to developing those skills.

Thirdly we continue our work on service user involvement  so that we our service are driven by the needs, wishes and aspirations of their users.

Our offer is hope without exclusion; we aim to make sure that no one is forgotten.