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"The secret behind Anthony‘s successful achievement lies in making the Recovery Star tool that we use a practical reflection of the Service Users’ recovery journey."

Anthony was taken into care when he was very young after being separated from his mother who suffered from schizophrenia. As an adolescent, he led a peripatetic life, drifting between London and Kent and living in hostels for the homeless. He began to show signs of schizo-affective disorder and autism but following diagnosis he became non-compliant with his medication and was subsequently admitted to hospital where he stayed for a long period of time.

Anthony was eventually referred to Equinox Lewisham for support with his mental health and accommodation requirements.

When he first arrived with us he spent the entire day standing in his flat staring at the ceiling and walls and at night do the same from his bed.

The first thing we did was to help Anthony change his mind set, build a strong rapport with us and make him  believe  that he should not feel marginalised because  of his mental health diagnosis. We helped him develop budgeting and other life skills, discussed the importance of responsibilities, building trust and hope and building his own self-esteem.

When Anthony arrived at Equinox Lewisham he didn’t have a bank card, mobile phone or computer.  He now has all of these and frequently uses his email to communicate with family and friends. He now manages is own finances and pays his own rent and utility bills without being prompted.  He now sleeps well and cooks healthy food for himself on a regular basis.

He no longer misses his medication and hasn’t shown any sign of relapse for over 7 years. He frequently attends Service User Involvement activities to broaden his network.


"This is an amazing place, with amazing staff and good food. I believe I am in the right place for a change."

John* is a 39 year old male who was admitted to our Brook Drive service for a 14 day alcohol detox and subutex stabilisation. He was drinking 24 units of alcohol, smoking £50 worth of crack and using 20mg of diazepam daily.  He suffered from depression, diagnosed bipolar and had attempted two suicides in 2017.

“Before I came to Brook Drive I was living in squalor.  There were rats in my flat.  I had no heating and a radiator was hanging off the wall.  The toilet was leaking and the flat smelt of sewage.  I wasn’t washing or eating and was in deep despair and doom.  I only left the flat to get my script every two weeks.  I hardly saw anyone. “

John was a difficult service user to manage and had several warnings within his first week at the service as a result of his behaviour towards staff.  However, there was a definite sense that he wanted to change his life and we encouraged him to use his writing and artistic skills to get him through the rough stages of his detox.

With treatment complete after three weeks we supported John in clearing his flat ready for discharge.  He is now attending a day programme and has been abstinent for 6 months.

*names have been changed to retain anonimity

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