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Make Change Count

Local charities are asking people to help rough sleepers by donating to recognised organisations and not giving on the street.

The charities’ research shows that best way to help someone sleeping rough is through professional help.

The latest stage of the Make Change Count campaign builds on an initial collaboration last year. Charities are continuing to work together to raise awareness about what support is available in the city for people sleeping rough and offering advice on how best to help.

This summer, five local charities are addressing this national issue at a local level. Brighton Housing Trust, St Mungo’s, Pavilions, Equinox, Nightstop and Antifreeze are highlighting the practical support available all year round in the city and how best to help rough sleepers. The campaign is supported Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Police.

The participating charities say giving money on the street can be counter-productive and lead to people staying in their current situation when more effective help is available.  Local organisations make sure those in need have hot meals, access to shower facilities, clothing and support from outreach workers to move people away from the street to rebuild their lives.

Speaking on behalf of the organising charities, Nikki Homewood, Director of Services for BHT, said: “The Make Change Count campaign is all about getting the right help at the right time for those who are sleeping on our streets. We’re sharing information on how residents can refer people they are concerned about and providing an alternative giving option to donating on the street.

“The campaign aims to help people make informed decisions when giving money or other items to rough sleepers. We are keen to make clear that we’re not telling anyone how they should spend their money, that’s a matter of personal choice.

“We’d like to share the experiences we’ve gained from many years of working with rough sleepers. We know that moving off the streets is a difficult thing to do, no matter how much people want a better standard of living. People sleeping rough are often very vulnerable and have lost confidence to plan for the future because of the circumstances they’re in. Support is needed to help people rebuild their lives.

“We’re keen to all work together to give people the best chance for the future. People understandably want to help those living on the streets, and giving to someone right in front of you is a natural reaction. But there can be better ways to help and we’re asking people to think about how they can really make their change count.”

How you can help:       

  • Donate today by texting UMCC17 £3 to 70070
  • Contact Streetlink with information about where people are rough sleeping is a way to make sure they are known to support agencies offering professional help. The rough sleeper outreach team, run by St Mungo’s, respond to details given to Streetlink and go out to see all known rough sleepers in the city. The team discuss a person’s needs, working with them to explore options to try to move them off the streets and into accommodation. or 0300 500 0914
  • Please click the button below to visit the Make Change Count page and donate.

Cllr Clare Moonan, lead councillor for rough sleeping, said: “The Make Change Count campaign can transform and, even save, lives. In Brighton & Hove we have a wide range of services and support designed to help those in need but there is always more we can do to help. Working together, everyone in this caring city really make a difference.”

More information about the Make Change Count charities:

Brighton Housing Trust 
St Mungo’s 


Equinox Service Centres to become Psychologically Informed Environments

May 15 2017

Equinox has begun the implementation of a Psychologically Informed Environment framework across all of its Service Centres in the UK.

The purpose of a psychologically informed environment is to enable clients to make positive changes to their lives.  It is one that takes into account the psychological makeup – the thinking, emotions, personalities and past experience - of its participants in the way that it operates. 

The PIE framework also considers the psychological needs of our staff; developing skills and knowledge, increasing motivation, job satisfaction and resilience. 

As Equinox continues to grow and diversify we feel it is a good time to consider how we can develop our services so that they become even more effective.  Becoming an organisation wide PIE will help us develop our service models further and subsequently help our Service Users to have happier lives. 

We feel that working and caring about our staff and Service Users together will encourage the opportunity to reflect and develop awareness and skills that are psychologically informed and significantly improve outcomes for Service Users. 

For further details contact Dolores Kelly, Marketing and Communications Manager at

Personalisation to the power of 10

Posted by on 16 May 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

10 examples of personalisation at Equinox Lewisham – from referral through to independent living.

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Passion for recovery at Equinox Lewisham

Posted by on 10 May 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags:

The team at Equinox Lewisham are a busy bunch. But no-one’s complaining. In fact, just the opposite.

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"Let us be part of the solution"

Posted by on 7 May 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Involving service users in Brighton's 'Lively Cities' programme

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All Party Parliamentary Group - speaking out for 'forgotten people'

Posted by Bill Puddicombe on 27 April 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: ,

On 25th April I attended the All Party Parliamentary Group on complex needs and dual diagnosis. The meeting was discussing the transfer of drug and alcohol treatment to the new Public Health arrangements and the effects it might have on those with multiple needs and exclusions.

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A recipe for recovery

Posted by on 16 April 2012 | 1 Comments | Tags: , ,

Laura has been the chef at Brook Drive residential detoxification service for 12 years. She explains some of the reasons why good nutrition can help service users with their recovery from alcohol and drug dependence.

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The Newsletter With No Name

Posted by on 11 April 2012 | 1 Comments | Tags: ,

There are many ways service users at Equinox can get involved - always with the main aim of helping service users to build skills and confidence to move on with their lives.

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SNAP survey reveals worrying homeless trends

Posted by on 5 April 2012 | 0 Comments

The annual SNAP survey by Homeless Link shows worrying trends in services for people who are homeless. At Equinox we are particularly disturbed to see the number of people who are turned away because services do not feel able to provide for their needs. Another concern is the slight decline in the availability of specialist services for onward referral.

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DASH celebrate Recovery Pride week

Posted by on 2 April 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

The Drug Advisory Service Haringey (DASH) celebrated the finale of their Recovery Pride week on 30th March - with a programme of celebratory speeches and a theatrical performance coordinated by the Dual Diagnosis Network. There were also presentations from drug and alcohol services about the range of abstinence-based treatment services available to Haringey service users.

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Increase in liver deaths – NHS calls for ‘focus of efforts’

Posted by on 30 March 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Last week, the NHS reported a 25% increase in deaths from liver disease in England. 

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Up close and personalised

Posted by on 28 March 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Equinox works with service users with multiple needs and exclusions, to learn to manage their own lives. We work with the forgotten people of society who may have been excluded from services due to their complex mental health needs and recovery requirements.

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