A postcard from JJ in St Lucia

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Can you feel the sun shining out of this postcard?

We can!

JJ, a service user at Equinox Lewisham, sent us a Christmas postcard from sunny St Lucia. Here are some of JJ's observations about his trip, to warm us all up in chilly England!

'Rosemary summer days, cooing delight. Kitchen humidity. Having a lovely time.

'French countryside bungalow in Castries, St Lucia, West Indies. On vacation for six weeks.

'Automobile winning, travelling over the island. Honeysuckle. Cricket pavilion. Water. 

'Going to the beach and night clubs and shopping and taking lots of photos.

'Rose-pink apple, shellfish, cooking, dewberry, bedtime. Ethnicity, traditions, culture, cuisine, history, political, language. Nine hour flight from Gatwick.

'Shame I have to leave St Lucia.'


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