Alcohol Awareness week at Equinox Care: Paul's story

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During Alcohol Awareness week 2013, Equinox Care are highlighting stories about alcohol. These stories have come out of conversations we've had with Equinox service users and family members about alcohol.

Some of these stories involve abstinence-based recovery from alcohol. Others are about how some Equinox service users and their family members cope with chronic alcohol dependence - including reducing their alcohol intake to improve their health, wellbeing, relationships and careers. 

Chief Executive of Equinox Care, Bill Puddicombe writes in the Equinox's review of 2013:

"So much has been said about the UK’s alcohol use over the last year that it sometimes seems a complex issue. We take a straightforward view. Whether we are working with a street drinker in Tooting or a professional with a drink problem in Chorleywood, our role is to support them to find a way to recovery and, if they wish, abstinence.

"We don’t take a doctrinaire view of what they should do to get there. Our concern is that they regain some control of an area of their life that is threatening their livelihood, accommodation, even their life."

Paul's story

Paul spent 7 months with Equinox Care, having experienced a period of mental ill health which resulted in Paul leaving behind his life and home in London.

He was homeless in Brighton and was drinking half a litre of vodka every night to get to sleep. 

After coming to Equinox Care in Brighton, Paul made major changes to his life, which included addressing his relationship with alcohol

Read Paul's full story here - and check back during Alcohol Awareness Week for more stories about alcohol from Equinox Care. 

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