Christmas and New Year at Equinox Brook Drive

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Equinox Brook Drive is a residential alcohol and drug detoxification service in South East London. In the last 6 months, 93% of service users completed their detoxification programme. For the month of November 2012, service user satisfaction was measured at 87% in the areas of detox, programme, amenities and overall satisfaction . But it’s not just about numbers – it’s about making people feel welcome at a very difficult time...

Service Manager, Brian Davis, explains: “We have been in operation for over 20 years and run a busy service all year round. We are coming up to Christmas and New Year – and this can be a time of over-consumption for many people. This can make it a very difficult time for people with drug and alcohol dependence and our service gets very busy this time of year. At Equinox Brook Drive, we want to make our service users as welcome as possible over Christmas and New Year. For service users who are with us over Christmas, there will be a cooked Christmas dinner, we give out presents and Equinox staff make the day as special as possible for people who are away from their families and friends.”

Equinox Brook Drive aims to be as flexible and supportive as possible – welcoming people with a range of needs including mental ill health, multiple drug and alcohol dependency, homeless people, people with criminal convictions or bail conditions, people with physical disabilities. There is a women only area of the centre and service users can bring pets. Whilst undergoing detoxification, there is support from keyworkers, our GP, round the clock nursing staff, Equinox support staff – with former Equinox Brook Drive service users on hand as peer mentors and volunteers.

One such Equinox service user is Robert* - he originally came to Equinox Brook Drive due to his alcohol dependence. Robert successfully completed his detoxification programme and went on to a rehabilitation centre to further his recovery.

Robert then came back to Equinox Brook Drive in the role of service user representative – a role which sees him being the ‘voice of the service users’ as he describes it. Robert makes sure that comments and issues brought up in service user meetings are relayed to the management team and dealt with promptly.

"I find the job rewarding,” Robert says, “as I am able to keep a perspective and focus on my life whilst giving back my knowledge and encouragement to other service users in a similar predicament.”

Robert also takes a great deal of interest in organising trips out with service users to do exercise and he is a big advocate of the importance of physical exercise.

“It's a good way of releasing stress, anger and anxiety and can also give you a structure to better yourself in health and appearance,” he says.

Visit the Equinox Brook Drive service page for more information or to make a referral.

*Robert’s name has been changed for this article

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