Equinox street outreach work - we don't give up

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At Equinox, we believe in providing second chances. 

Some of the hardest to reach groups in society are people who are affected by multiple and complex needs, such as homelessness, alcohol dependence, mental ill health, social exclusion and unresolved traumas which date back to childhood.

Equinox have street outreach services in Brighton and Wandsworth, where skilled workers make connections with people who are known to be street drinkers. Building trust and relationships takes time - such as in Nick's case

But sticking with people like Nick, despite recovery lapses, will often result in a positive longer term outcome.

To read the full story of Nick's progress in tackling his alcohol dependence and getting off the streets, visit his page on the Equinox Impact Report, our online review of the year.

Find out more information about Equinox street outreach work in London and Brighton, involving people who have a complex and often chronic history and alcohol and/or drug dependence.


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