Equinox Three Rivers - a new confidential network for those who get no alcohol help

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Equinox Chief Executive, Bill Puddicombe, talks about the people at the centre of an innovative Equinox project in Three Rivers, Hertfordshire - the men and women on their way to work, currently not accessing any support for their high alcohol intake.

"I don’t know his name but I often see him on the train on the way to work. He is usually finishing off a cigarette in the station car park and then running down to the platform to catch the train. The reason I notice this particular guy is because, on top of his general air of stress and anxiety, I often smell the “dragon breath” of serious alcohol consumption the night before coming from him.

"At Equinox we work with people who are socially excluded and often cannot find services for their needs. My guess is that the guy I accompany on the train several times a week falls into this category. He is clearly managing to get to work every day (or almost every day) yet that hangover must be seriously affecting his wellbeing.

"New Equinox projects like our work in Three Rivers are there to provide an option for this man, and others like him, to access some support to consider how they might change their drinking and start to find better health. He may not be prepared to countenance walking into a “substance misuse service”. He might consider joining a group of people who are meeting to develop social lives where alcohol consumption is acknowledged as a potential risk or problem to be tackled.

"We know that there is a need for this kind of community development and we are finding ways to meet that need."

Click to download the Equinox Three Rivers information leaflet - or contact Kathleen Young to find out more about the Equinox Three Rivers confidential alcohol network: 07764 681 364 (Mon-Fri; 12pm to 7pm) or kathleen.young@equinoxcare.org.uk. 

Attend our Alcohol and Health Intelligence Evening on 31st January at Mill End Community Centre, Old School Building, Church Lane, Mill End, Rickmansworth WD3 8HD (7pm to 8.30pm) - contact Kathleen Young for more information. 

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