Equinox Three Rivers calls for best local intelligence on alcohol

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January is a time when many people rethink their lifestyles and make healthier choices for their lives. Initiatives such as Dry January and Dryathlon encourage people to consider their alcohol consumption for a month and make positive changes.

With over 25 years experience in the field of alcohol support, Equinox are offering people in the Three Rivers area the chance to rethink their relationship with alcohol.

Equinox Chief Executive, Bill Puddicombe, says: “When Equinox looked at the Three Rivers area we found that there are a lot of people who are drinking well above safe levels but do not seem to be getting any support to reduce their high alcohol intake. Many of this group will probably be in demanding jobs. While they may appear to be doing fine on the surface, in areas such as work or family relationships, they could have problems long term if they don’t address their drinking now."

This is where the Equinox Three Rivers project comes in throughout 2013 and beyond.

A pioneering project

Equinox Three Rivers Project Manager, Kathleen Young, says: “This really is a first for the Three Rivers area. We are setting up a brand new network for people who typically fall between the gaps of existing alcohol services. The group we have identified don’t want to access community alcohol teams and they either can’t quite afford private treatment or they don’t feel they can take time out of work or family life for it.

"Whilst there are some existing self-help groups in Three Rivers that are doing a great job, the Equinox project is a first in the sense that it is not a spiritual programme, nor does it require participants to undertake assessments or identify themselves as a problem drinkers. What this will be is a network of confidential groups run by like-minded people – not only supporting each other through discussions and shared experiences but also seeking out healthier activities together.

"During our research phase in early 2013, we will find out what local people want in terms of support for making changes to their alcohol consumption. We are holding an Alcohol and Health Intelligence Evening on Thursday 31st January as part of the research phase, to help shape this innovative confidential network.

Equinox Three Rivers: Alcohol and Health Intelligence Evening
Date: Thursday 31st January, 7pm - 8.30pm
Location: Mill End Community Centre, Old School Building, Church Lane, Mill End, Rickmansworth WD3 8HD

Come and take part in shaping a first for health in Hertfordshire. Equinox Three Rivers are calling for local people to attend our Alcohol and Health Intelligence Evening on Thursday 31st January at 7pm at Mill End Community Centre, Rickmansworth. Call in on your way home from work for refreshments, discussions and to have your say about healthy living.

We are also calling for local speakers for this event – people who have previously experienced high levels of drinking or have been affected by a relative or friend doing so, but have managed to change their lifestyle for the better. These people (or their relatives) may have experienced benefits to work performance, relationships, wellbeing, appearance or emotional balance.

To register your interest in this event, contact Kathleen Young on 07764 681 364 or kathleen.young@equinoxcare.org.uk

Some more about who this is for

Project Manager, Kathleen Young, explains: “The Equinox Three Rivers event and network is for anyone who is interested in reducing alcohol intake whilst also balancing their family, work and social lives. It is for Three Rivers people who would like an alternative once or twice a week to picking up a bottle of wine or going to the pub after work. They will be looking for different ways to relax or let off some steam in the evening. It’s for busy Mums and Dads who may not have previously accessed support. It’s for career people who know they need to think about their alcohol consumption but do not want to access traditional support. It’s for women whose children may have just left home for college or university or professional people who are managing their work lives but experiencing pressure. We are also talking about people that know they may be drinking more than is healthy for them – they may be feeling sluggish, bloated, experiencing low moods and anxiety, weight gain or weight loss which may be related to alcohol use.

Equinox Three Rivers will be distributing an information leaflet with a confidential telephone number across the Three Rivers area. We will be approaching public houses, golf clubs, tennis clubs, bookmakers, chemists, GPs, libraries, hairdressers and nail salons. We will also be carrying out a leafleting evening outside Rickmansworth station when commuters return home.

For more information about the Equinox Three Rivers project, contact Kathleen Young on 07764 681 364 or kathleen.young@equinoxcare.org.uk

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