Gardening, cooking and companionship - Mitzvah Day report

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Equinox Southampton Way provides accommodation and support in South East London to men with enduring mental ill health . On 17th November 2013, a bright team of Mitzvah Day volunteers came to help out with the gardening project, which Mitzvah Day also helped to start in 2012.

Here's a full report from the day, written by Equinox project worker, Mary Falade - and once again a big thank you to the fabulous Mitzvah Day organisers and volunteers:

Equinox Care at Southampton Way, Mitzvah Day 2013"Equinox Southampton Way service users and staff were pleased at the visit of volunteers taking part in Mitzvah Day.  It was a day of fun, gardening, cooking and companionship between all who attended.

"Mitzvah day is a day of social action, where participants give their time rather than just their money to various causes.  Originating in the Jewish community it is now an international, multi faith day of action and Equinox Southampton Way was lucky to host several volunteers during the day.

"Through a collective staff and service user effort, the day was prepped and activities ready for the volunteers’ arrival.  After a quick tour of the service the volunteers split into two teams, some working in the garden and a couple helping in the kitchen to get lunch ready. 

"The Mitzvah Day volunteers interacted with service users who were around, and added their mark to the day.  Those in the garden competed amongst themselves to see who could find the most carrots in the vegetable boxes, whilst those cooking added their own flare to some recipes. Who would have thought braised buttered cabbage would taste so good?

"When done in the garden, everyone came in to help in the kitchen – in our case many hands did not spoil the broth. Food was dished out and the table set right on time.

"A few more service users came to join in the fare and our service user rep gave the volunteers a brief run down of his role in and around Equinox and Southampton Way, answering questions about the service.

"A good time was had by all. Some of the Mitzvah Day volunteers offered to come back and support the service – an added bonus to an already great day. 

"Feedback was positive from Equinox service users, who enjoyed the food and party atmosphere. A highlight for the Equinox service user rep was: 'speaking with the volunteers about his role within Equinox Southampton Way and the food was nice too'.

"A big vote of thanks goes to the volunteers, service users, and staff members who took part and worked to make our Mitzvah Day a huge success.  We look forward to the same next year and more success stories in between."

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