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Equinox Ealing is a supported housing service with an emphasis on recovery and stabilisation from alcohol and drugs. The service provides access to group work, counselling, arranging voluntary work placements and will assist service users in moving on to their own, independent accommodation when they are ready.

Two Equinox Ealing service users share their personal stories here, describing the progress they have made from dependency to recovery.

Richard’s story*

"Before I was at Equinox Ealing, I was homeless and addicted to alcohol. I was waiting to go into residential treatment. I couldn’t go into treatment until I was housed, so I came to stay at Equinox. I then went into treatment for 2 weeks, for an alcohol detox.

"After my detox, I was up and down at first. I started going to a local aftercare programme for support. I did 6 weeks of open groups, three days a week. I was then invited on to the structured day programme, which I went to for three months. This taught me loads about relapse prevention. I learned how to avoid relapse triggers and stay away from difficult situations. I also stopped seeing certain friends, who were still actively drinking and taking drugs.

"After I finished the structured day programme, I broke my leg. I was very reliant on my keyworker and other service users. I felt quite down on myself at times and I was tempted to lapse, but I didn’t, which must show I’ve learned from previous mistakes.

"I have a keywork session each week at Equinox. Currently, I’m trying to get a passport arranged so I can open a bank account and go on holiday to Tunisia. I’m focusing on keeping on top of my rent payments. I’m going to college - I’ve done a computer course and I’m enrolling in September for a carpentry course. I want to do driving lessons too.

"I've also talked with my keyworker about moving on to independent living - we're looking at all the different option for housing.

"I’m really trying to create a life for myself away from drink and drugs. Since August 2013, I've been off the drugs and alcohol. I’m 32 now, so I really want to keep moving forward with my life."

Sarah’s story*

"I came to Equinox Ealing from rehab. Before that, I was in prison for 16 months. I managed to come off alcohol and drugs in rehab and I haven’t had a drink or drug in over 2 years now.

"I’ve got a keyworker here at Equinox, she’s very supportive. I also go to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous meetings locally for support and I’m working the 12 step programme with my sponsor.  Equinox helped me get on different courses too - I’ve done women’s programmes and a computer course.

"I’ve got a partner and kids. My Equinox keyworker and my sponsor are helping me to realise that I have to put my needs first. It’s so hard sometimes watching my family have difficult times, but I know I have to look after myself.

"I’ve achieved a lot in the last couple of years. My keyworker thinks I’m ready for move on soon. I’d also like to get a job and overcome the problem of having a criminal record, so I’m talking with my keyworker about doing voluntary work as a way of proving myself." 

*Names have been changed for confidentiality purposes

For more information about this service, visit the Equinox Ealing page. 

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