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...and Equinox Aspinden Wood was one stop on Joan Bakewell's quest to find out more about people aged 65 and their relationship with alcohol. Pictured here is Joan with two residents of Equinox Aspinden Wood, Patrick and Eddie, who helped Joan with her research for the Panorama programme.

Panorama, Joan Bakewell at Equinox Aspinden Wood

According to the BBC investigation, there are an estimated 1.4 million people aged 65 and over who currently exceed recommended limits for alcohol consumption. In the Panorama programme to be first aired on BBC One at 19.30 on Monday 10th September, Joan Bakewell considers her own 'social drinking' along side that of other men and women over 65 - and makes some discoveries along the way such as the fact the many people do not understand the guidelines on alcohol. 

Equinox Aspinden Wood is a service in London for people with long term dependence upon alcohol, many of whom would otherwise be homeless without access to this care home facility. Click for more information about the Equinox Aspinden Wood service or read a recent news story on our website about Equinox Aspinden Wood

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