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New Managing Director Appointed to Equinox Care and Penrose Criminal Justice Services

22 November 2017

The Group Chief Executive for the Social Interest Group (SIG),  Gill Arukpe, today announced the appointment of Kelly Hallett as Managing Director of Equinox Care and Penrose Criminal Justice Services, both of which SIG is the parent company of.

Kelly has worked at a senior level across a range of custodial and community social care settings having started her career working in prison substance misuse services,  progressing to managing drug services across all East of England prisons. Kelly then worked at Turning Point as Assistant Director of Substance Misuse Services responsible for some 30 services. From there Kelly joined Penrose working first in Business Development before moving to a Director of Operations role responsible for the organisations Mental Health, Offender and generic support services. In 2015 Kelly moved to the Director of Criminal Justice Services role to lead the delivery of services in the Transforming Rehabilitation Programme in partnership with MTC Novo and London CRC.

Kelly has a wealth of experience in designing, delivering and managing multi-geographical services for a broad range of vulnerable people including criminal justice, substance misuse, mental health and offender services. She demonstrates strong leadership and has a very successful track record of continual improvement of operational and quality standards, service outcomes, social enterprise, generating new income and value for money.

Gill Arukpe said “Kelly has been instrumental in the successful delivery of our Penrose Criminal Justice Services and I am delighted that she will continue to oversee this delivery,  as well as taking responsibility for and leading from the front,  our subsidiary charity  Equinox Care.  We feel that by having a dedicated M.D for Equinox Care and Penrose Criminal Justice Services we will have clear leadership, accountability and ownership to be able to develop and strengthen both charities in their own right within our Group structure.”

Kelly Hallett said “I am delighted to have been appointed to this role. Both Equinox Care and Penrose Criminal Justice Services are dynamic and exciting charities to lead. Both are ambitious for Service Users and are driving collaborative ways of working and improving outcomes. I am looking forward to developing each charity further, expanding our reach and service provisions  and working with the dedicated and expert staff teams within each organisation. These are very tough but exciting times to work in the voluntary sector and I am looking forward to overcoming the challenges, using our expertise to influence future social care thinking and celebrating our successes within The Social Interest Group.

Make Change Count

Local charities are asking people to help rough sleepers by donating to recognised organisations and not giving on the street.

The charities’ research shows that best way to help someone sleeping rough is through professional help.

The latest stage of the Make Change Count campaign builds on an initial collaboration last year. Charities are continuing to work together to raise awareness about what support is available in the city for people sleeping rough and offering advice on how best to help.

This summer, five local charities are addressing this national issue at a local level. Brighton Housing Trust, St Mungo’s, Pavilions, Equinox, Nightstop and Antifreeze are highlighting the practical support available all year round in the city and how best to help rough sleepers. The campaign is supported Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Police.

The participating charities say giving money on the street can be counter-productive and lead to people staying in their current situation when more effective help is available.  Local organisations make sure those in need have hot meals, access to shower facilities, clothing and support from outreach workers to move people away from the street to rebuild their lives.

Speaking on behalf of the organising charities, Nikki Homewood, Director of Services for BHT, said: “The Make Change Count campaign is all about getting the right help at the right time for those who are sleeping on our streets. We’re sharing information on how residents can refer people they are concerned about and providing an alternative giving option to donating on the street.

“The campaign aims to help people make informed decisions when giving money or other items to rough sleepers. We are keen to make clear that we’re not telling anyone how they should spend their money, that’s a matter of personal choice.

“We’d like to share the experiences we’ve gained from many years of working with rough sleepers. We know that moving off the streets is a difficult thing to do, no matter how much people want a better standard of living. People sleeping rough are often very vulnerable and have lost confidence to plan for the future because of the circumstances they’re in. Support is needed to help people rebuild their lives.

“We’re keen to all work together to give people the best chance for the future. People understandably want to help those living on the streets, and giving to someone right in front of you is a natural reaction. But there can be better ways to help and we’re asking people to think about how they can really make their change count.”

How you can help:       

  • Donate today by texting UMCC17 £3 to 70070
  • Contact Streetlink with information about where people are rough sleeping is a way to make sure they are known to support agencies offering professional help. The rough sleeper outreach team, run by St Mungo’s, respond to details given to Streetlink and go out to see all known rough sleepers in the city. The team discuss a person’s needs, working with them to explore options to try to move them off the streets and into accommodation. or 0300 500 0914
  • Please click the button below to visit the Make Change Count page and donate.

Cllr Clare Moonan, lead councillor for rough sleeping, said: “The Make Change Count campaign can transform and, even save, lives. In Brighton & Hove we have a wide range of services and support designed to help those in need but there is always more we can do to help. Working together, everyone in this caring city really make a difference.”

More information about the Make Change Count charities:

Brighton Housing Trust 
St Mungo’s 


Equinox Service Centres to become Psychologically Informed Environments

May 15 2017

Equinox has begun the implementation of a Psychologically Informed Environment framework across all of its Service Centres in the UK.

The purpose of a psychologically informed environment is to enable clients to make positive changes to their lives.  It is one that takes into account the psychological makeup – the thinking, emotions, personalities and past experience - of its participants in the way that it operates. 

The PIE framework also considers the psychological needs of our staff; developing skills and knowledge, increasing motivation, job satisfaction and resilience. 

As Equinox continues to grow and diversify we feel it is a good time to consider how we can develop our services so that they become even more effective.  Becoming an organisation wide PIE will help us develop our service models further and subsequently help our Service Users to have happier lives. 

We feel that working and caring about our staff and Service Users together will encourage the opportunity to reflect and develop awareness and skills that are psychologically informed and significantly improve outcomes for Service Users. 

For further details contact Dolores Kelly, Marketing and Communications Manager at

Sensible on Strength – news round up

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Sensible on Strength – news round up
Thank you to Brighton & Hove councillors, who approved the Sensible of Strength campaign. Over 60 alcohol retailers will display a Sensible on Strength sticker, following the removal of high strength beer, lager and cider from their shelves. 
Equinox Brighton alcohol outreach service works with the street drinking population in Brighton and Hove, and have supported the Council with the Sensible on Strength campaign. 
Jesse Wilde, Service Manager for Equinox Brighton, accompanied BBC Radio 4’s Bob Walker from You & Yours, on a visit to the Queen Victoria Clock Tower area of Brighton – to explain the clear need for the scheme. 
Jesse said: “At the scary end, people are drinking 500 units of alcohol a week. That’s nearly 20 cans a day, 80 to 90 units a day. The recommended limit for an adult is 3 to 4 a day. It’s more of an issue than heroin and crack. People’s bodies are 60 to 70 years old, in 30 to 40 year olds – because 9% alcohol, at that level, will damage organs.”
29 year old Steve, a former street drinker, explained: ‘I’d been drinking on and off since I was 14. When I was street drinking, I was drinking Special Brew and cider. At the time it was cheap and it blocked the pain out, quicker. It ruined me. In and out of jail, relationship problems, self harm and depression. I think [Sensible on Strength] is a good idea. If it weren’t there when I was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have drunk it. Maybe I wouldn’t have gone to jail.”
 You can find out much more about Sensible on Strength here:
BBC Radio 4 You and Yours
BBC Sussex
Brighton and Hove Council
The Argus
Find out more about Equinox Brighton Alcohol Outreach Service here. Thank you to Brighton & Hove councillors, who approved the Sensible of Strength campaign. Over 60 alcohol retailers will display a Sensible on Strength sticker, following the removal of high strength beer, lager and cider from their shelves. 

Thank you to Brighton & Hove councillors, who approved the Sensible of Strength campaign. Over 60 alcohol retailers will display a Sensible on Strength sticker, following the removal of high strength beer, lager and cider from their shelves. 

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Gardening, cooking and companionship - Mitzvah Day report

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Equinox Southampton Way provides accommodation and support in South East London to men with enduring mental ill health . On 17th November 2013, a bright team of Mitzvah Day volunteers came to help out with the gardening project, which Mitzvah Day also helped to start in 2012.

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Equinox Brighton support Sensible on Strength campaign

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Listen out today for Service Manager of Equinox Brighton, Jesse Wilde, speaking to BBC Radio 4 about the 'Sensible on Strength' alcohol campaign. 

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Equinox Brighton awarded grant for Hostel Link Team

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Equinox Brighton have been awarded a grant of £96,075 from the Homelessness Transition Fund, an initiative funded by the Department for Communities & Local Government and administered by Homeless Link.
The Equinox Care Hostel Link Team aims to reduce rough sleeping by working to a preventative brief, engaging with people in hostels who are at risk of/have histories of, street drinking, evictions and rough sleeping. 
The team will use a small ‘Personalised’ budget to facilitate access to meaningful day structure ( exercise, voluntary work, education etc) as an alternative to a street life-style. 
The service will achieve accommodation, treatment and meaningful structure outcomes for 75 clients over 12 months.  
Welcoming the grant, Bill Puddicombe, Chief Executive of Equinox said:
“We are delighted that Equinox has been awarded this grant, especially at a time when Brighton’s street population has increased significantly. Our 2013 street drinking count found 93 people over the course of a week.
“The Equinox Hostel Link Team will engage with people in hostels who have a history or risk of street drinking, evictions and rough sleeping. Our specialist workers will help this group of people in Brighton and Hove to secure tenancies, access treatment and build structure in their lives.”
The target group will be 75 men and women living in hostels who are at risk of, and have histories of, street drinking, eviction and rough sleeping.
This service will consist of team of 3 hostel link workers who will intervene early to stop this group becoming entrenched in a street lifestyle, securing their tenancies and diverting them into treatment and meaningful structure.

Equinox Brighton have been awarded a grant of £96,075 from the Homelessness Transition Fund, an initiative funded by the Department for Communities & Local Government and administered by Homeless Link.

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Alcohol Awareness week at Equinox Care: Paul's story

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During Alcohol Awareness week 2013, Equinox Care are highlighting stories about alcohol. These stories have come out of conversations we've had with Equinox service users and family members about alcohol.

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Equinox fundraising news

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London to Brighton 100K walk 

Just 5 weeks to go until our big walk! We’re aiming to raise £1000 to go towards service user activities, to help improve quality of life – Vanessa and the Service User Council are involved in deciding how funds are spent and will consult with services after the event. We’ve raised £320 so far, a third of the way to our target – we’d really love your support with getting the message out there and/or joining in with the fundraising. 

Tues 24th September: Phil and I will be starting out at the Shard in London Bridge. 
We are doing a lap of Clapham Common in the morning – service users and staff are very welcome to join this section, please let me know if you’re interested in the walk and/or a small amount of fundraising.  

Wed 25th September: Phil and I will be somewhere beyond the M25, heading for the south coast, step by step!

Thurs 26th September: we will walk the final leg of our journey to Brighton. 
We will finish with a walk along Brighton seafront and along the pier. Any service users or staff who would like to join us on Thursday 26th, early evening, are welcome – please let me know if you’d like to join in / raise a small amount of funds. 

Contact Charlotte on 07761 235 485 for more information.

Equinox Sutton – fundraising for alcohol counselling service  

As part of Walter’s efforts over in Sutton, a Just Giving page has launched today. Walter’s aim is to raise £1500 in 30 days towards training counsellors, to assist with reopening the much-needed alcohol counselling service in Sutton. 

Find out more by clicking the link above – and please pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested. Please also share this news via social media, if you are happy to do that. 

Contact Walter on 07939 624 742 for more information.London to Brighton 100K walk LonLondon o Brighton 1Eqalk

Equinox London to Brighton 100K walk

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