Watford Cannabis Group create cannabis advice and guidance materials

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Many thanks to Watford Borough Council Small Grants Fund, who funded Watford Cannabis group members this spring, to create a new suite of information and advice materials. These materials will be distributed around Watford organisations, including drug and alcohol agencies, GPs and community groups. They will also be offered to new and existing members of the Watford Cannabis Group network, to support recovery from cannabis dependence. 

Watford Cannabis Group, which was set up in 2013 by Equinox Care, are now a self-sustaining mutual aid network, offering unique support in Watford to cannabis users to break the habit and quit. The group also welcomes family members at their confidential meetings. 

In February 2014, the group applied to Watford Borough Council for funding to create a new set of communications materials and improve functionality on their website, originally set up by a family member involved with Watford Cannabis Group. 

The group held a workshop to devise the content for 5 new materials: an A4 poster, an A5 leaflet, a business card and 2 advice and guidance leaflets, including practical advice and guidance on how to break the cannabis habit and quit for good, as well as details of confidential meetings in Watford. 

You can download copies of the advice and guidance leaflets here:

Ask yourself: "have I got a problem with cannabis?" 
How to break the habit and quit cannabis

Work is now underway on the website development phase of this project, managed by group members. 

For more information about Watford Cannabis Group, visit their website or contact group facilitator, Steve, on 07582 133 431.

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