This picture is untitled and was painted by Heather, one of our service users.

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Choice, voice and control.

At Equinox we don’t see Personalisation of services as a Government agenda that we should pay lip service to.  We know that it’s about more than just personal budgets and personal plans. It’s about creating services that don’t assume everyone’s the same, services that are empowering and easier to use.

Equinox has a firm commitment to being a user-driven organisation and is always looking to improve. The idea of personalisation fits really well with our overall vision and our willingness to embrace new ideas and ways of work. Our main reason for doing this is to offer services that are even more helpful to our users.

We want Equinox’s very own version of personalisation … something inspiring, something that’s ours.

So in April 2012, we launched our Personalisation Strategy, which challenges us to change the way in which we provide our services. We want our service users to feel that they have choice, voice and control over the services that they receive.

The strategy has been devised by service users, staff, Board members, everybody. It forms the basis of a change programme to make our services listen, learn and act in accordance with the needs, wishes and aspirations of our service users.

Eight high level decisions make up the Equinox Personalisation Strategy.

1. Equinox will offer service users more options when creating their support plans
2. Equinox will ensure a good balance between service users and staff in agreeing support and treatment plans, a balance that will change as the service user makes progress.
3. Equinox will help service users to enjoy life more.
4. Equinox’s service users will have a real say over the resources of the organisation.
5. Equinox will push commissioners and other providers to create a much more seamless arrangement of services across providers, centred on the needs of individuals rather than groups.
6. Equinox will build on the work of the Service User Involvement Strategy to develop new roles for service users to influence the organisation.
7. Equinox will take steps to make the most of the skills of its service users.
8. Equinox will encourage and support service users to influence the world around them.

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