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Kind of service(s)

A registered care home providing 24 hour care and support for adults who have long term problems with alcohol, mental ill health and homelessness. Equinox staff work determinedly to support clients towards stabilisation and recovery.

Where is it?

Bermondsey, London Borough of Southwark.

Who is it for?

The people who come to Equinox Aspinden Wood have the most complex and chaotic lives. Our clients are chronically dependent on alcohol. Many have been treatment-averse and resistant to change for years. Our clients often have a history of ASBOs, multiple admissions to A&E or arrests. They may have lost their home because of their drinking. Some of our most vulnerable clients have been driven from their homes due to intimidation.

Equinox Aspinden Wood is a safe place for service users, where they can stay long term if necessary.

Service users can continue to drink alcohol while they live at Equinox Aspinden Wood. We always work with our service users to reduce the harm caused by their drinking and stabilise their mental health. We create person-centred recovery plans and measure progress using Drug & Alcohol and Mental Health Recovery Star tools. We always promote recovery, aspiring for and supporting the very best outcomes our clients can achieve. 

Many of our service users have additional physical health conditions or needs. Our local GP runs surgeries within our service. We also provide a full personal care service.

While here, we also offer many options for clients to improve their quality of life. This includes assisting people to reconnect with their families, engage with the local community and take part in recovery-focused and therapeutic activities. Our aim is to work with people to restore dignity and self-determination.

How can the service be accessed?:

The service is open to anyone who fits the above criteria, regardless of their area of origin.

Care managers and other health and social care professionals can refer clients to us, on a spot purchase basis. 

To find out more, please contact us.

Equinox Aspinden Wood
1 Aspinden Road
London, SE16 2DR

Email: gerald.ndoping@equinoxcare.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7237 0331

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