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Street Outreach

Kind of service(s)

The Drug and Alcohol Outreach Team operates as part of the Pavilions integrated Adult Drug & Alcohol Service for Brighton & Hove. The service provides assertive outreach and engagement, working with the street community to address substance use related issues.

The Drug and Alcohol Outreach Team aims to reduce street presence, sustain tenancies and reduce harm while helping people work towards recovery. This is done through intensive and assertive support, navigating people into drug and alcohol treatment, accommodation, meaningful activity and health services.

In addition, the Antisocial Behaviour Coordinator is an Equinox senior practitioner who oversees the High Impact Case Work Forum. This city wide forum is the primary instrument dealing with street community antisocial behaviour. The role involves working closely with the police, Community Safety and the voluntary sector, to tackle street level antisocial behaviour, using support and enforcement. The Antisocial Behaviour Coordinator is part of Equinox's Pavilions provision.

Where is it?

The service covers Brighton & Hove and is based at Community Base, Central Brighton.

Who is it for?

The Drug and Alcohol Outreach Team works with the city’s street drinking population, with locally connected rough sleepers as well as people in hostels and other accommodation.

Interventions include assertive outreach to the street and into hostels, facilitating access to treatment, pre and post treatment support and promoting health improvements and recovery.

How can the service be accessed?

Referrals are generated by the street work of the service or come from other street outreach teams.

In addition, the 7 homeless hostels in Brighton & Hove can refer to the team.



Scott Crossley, Team Leader
Tel 01273 773 933
Mob: 07958596912
Freephone: 0800 149 819
Email: scrossley@pavilions.org.uk       


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