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Kind of service(s)

Residential detoxification service (CQC registered). Working in partnership with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Where is it?

In Lambeth, near Elephant and Castle
2 minutes walk from Elephant and Castle station (Underground, mainline and bus)

Who is it for?

Equinox Brook Drive provides medically managed detoxification programmes for adults who require assisted withdrawal from addictive substances. We offer detoxification from any combination of: alcohol; heroin; recreational or 'party' drugs; prescription drugs; stimulants such as cocaine and crack cocaine; solvents; and cannabis.

The Equinox Brook Drive clinical staff are very adaptable to our client's individual circumstances.

We are open to men and women with a dual diagnosis of mental ill health and alcohol/ drug dependence.

We provide pregnant women with clinically supervised detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs.

We work well with treatment-resistant drug and alcohol users, whose health has become a critical concern. This includes people with advanced liver disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, DVT and blood-borne viruses, who require a medically managed alcohol or drug detox.

Equinox Brook Drive provides a safe and comfortable environment for our clients. We offer a relaxed setting with recreational facilities. Our single rooms are brightly decorated and warm, offering all our clients privacy and comfort during their stay.

We allow pets to stay with our service users at Equinox Brook Drive. This provides reassurance for pet owners, whilst they undergo their detoxification.

We provide a rich and varied recovery programme, with 1-2-1 and group work elements, complementary therapies (a range of massage techniques and acupuncture), health information sessions, recreation time and life skills sessions.

We work closely with care managers to ensure our service users move on from Equinox Brook Drive with a plan in place - including moving on to residential rehabilitation, day programmes in their area and returning home.

How can the service be accessed?

For commissioners of drug and alcohol services, we offer negotiable rates for block purchase agreements. We also offer spot purchase beds for commissioners and other health and social care professionals.  

For professionals making referrals, please download our referral form here.

Private treatment beds are also available - we offer our clients quick access and a confidential service.

Most of our service users are referred by a care manager or a health professional from their local area. If you would like to find our more about referrals please make contact using the details below.

Book a Presentation or Visit

Commissioners of drug and alcohol services and referrers: you can request a presentation from the Equinox Brook Drive team and book a tour of our facilities. To arrange this, please contact Michael Twamley, service manager.


Michael Twamley, Service Manager

Equinox Brook Drive
124 Brook Drive
London. SE11 4TQ
Telephone: 020 7820 9924
Fax: 020 7735 9511
Email: michael.twamley@equinoxcare.org.uk
Referrals: admin.brookdrive@equinoxcare.org.uk

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