Equinox HAWK - Housing Advice

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Supported Housing

Kind of service(s)

Housing advice and assistance

Where is it?

The service operates in the London Boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow.

Who is it for?

Our referrals come to us either from Ealing Hospital or after a custodial prison sentence, where people are returning to Ealing or Hounslow.

We carry out our assessment to determine housing and resettlement needs, which facilitates reintegration into the community. Where we find that a patient or offender is homeless, with no suitable accommodation to go to, we work with them to establish a move on and resettlement plan. Our main objective is to support people to achieve stable housing, in order to reduce the risk of relapse or recidivism.

Our specialist workers offer advice and guidance to the people we work with. They make contact with housing associations, private landlords and council housing officers, to determine suitable and available accommodation. Our workers support people in finding a suitable tenancy, including visiting shortlisted properties together.

At Hounslow Probation Office, our housing support worker also works with other agencies, to offer information and options for education, training and employment. We also work closely with colleagues at the National Probation Service and the London CRC.

In Ealing, the service we provide is solely housing brokerage and resettlement. 

How can the service be accessed?

Ealing Hospital refer clients to us via their social worker who is responsible for bed management.

The National Probation Service and the London CRC refer people to our Hounslow worker.


Paul Temple (Ealing Hospital / Ealing Council)
Phone: 020 8967 5074 (Mon, Tues & Thurs) / 020 8825 9611 (Wed & Fri)
Email: templep@ealing.gov.uk

Annie Jaison (Probation Office, Hounslow)
Phone: 020 8570 0626
Email: annie.jaison@londoncrc.gov.uk