Justine – an Equinox volunteer

Justine – an Equinox volunteer

I enjoy volunteering, as I like to help people. I have gained new skills through volunteering at Equinox. I like sharing thoughts/ideas/skills with both staff & service users. I find volunteering at Equinox very rewarding & enjoyable.

I have also recognized that we have service users that don’t have any cookery skills,so I decided to set up weekly cookery skills sessions.

Through doing this I have recognized that this also teaches service users budgeting skills, life skills, confidence and empowerment. This has been very well received by service users both past & present. I support service users to research the recipe,prepare the meal & deliver fresh healthy meals to the table.
I identified that service users would benefit from fresh healthy meals rather than pre-packaged unhealthy meals.

What I do:

  • Check in
  • Escort service users
  • Cookery skills sessions
  • Book in medication
  • Observe service users take medication
  • Help service users with any needs they may have
  • Help with activities
  • Staff handovers
  • Contact sheets
  • 24/7
  • Petty Cash
  • Communicate with all levels of staff
  • Take phonecalls


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