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Volunteering – a win-win proposition

At Equinox we have a long tradition of working with volunteers. The generous people who give their time for our service users bring a richness of experience and approach that is an essential feature in keeping our services relevant to their users.

The opportunities are varied. Volunteers can help out by doing anything from accompanying a service user to an appointment to taking phone calls. There are many people who come to ours services simply to socialise. Our service users have been marginalised most of their lives and the recognition and self-esteem gained by having a person listening and taking time with them should not be underestimated. Some of our volunteers have counselling skills and provide one to one counselling for service users with many different needs.

While they are providing this much needed and appreciated assistance, our volunteers gain a sense of fulfilment from the work that they do. We ensure that our services are convivial places, where a warm atmosphere and satisfaction, learning and comradeship can be found while helping out.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our services, please either fill out the contact form  or contact the particular service that you would like to get involved with.